Course Specs

Program Specs Matrix

Analysis and design of information system  here

calculs  here

Computer_Programming1 here

Data base here

data storage and retrievel here

Data_Structures1  here

Discrete Mathematics  here

fundamental of information system here

OperatingSystems1 here

Principles of numerical computations1 here

Programming Applications in SC1 here

Information Retrieval (2)  here

Knowledge Management (2)  here

Machine Learning  here

Network Security and Cryptography (2)  here

Research Methods and Skills  here


CS MSC Program Specification here



















Course Specs

Program Specs Matrix

IS611 here

IS612  here

IS613 here

IS614 here

IS615 here

IS616  here

IS617  here

IS618 here

IS619 here

IS620 here

IS621 here

IS622 here

IS623 here

IS624 here

IS625  here

IS626 here


M sc IS Program Specification 2013-2014 here



















Course Specs

Program Specs Matrix

Advanced Topics in Data Engineering Course Specification here

Business Process Modeling and Workflow Systems Course Specification here

Databases for Knowledge  here

Databases for New Computing Platforms here

speacial_dataCourse specification here

System analysis and design methodologies Course Specification here

web_basedCourse specification Form 2012-2013 Final here


IS Program Specification form 2012-2013 Final3 here